Why feedback?

Whether in a formal, scheduled “review-like” setting, or in a spontaneous conversation, feedback contributes to improvement, productive changes, effectiveness, clear direction, accountability and, ultimately, success. Candid feedback can be difficult, and it can also set a positive tone for both personal and professional growth – pivotal for ongoing improvement.

The Book

Based on the best-selling book Feedback Revolution: Building Relationships & Boosting Results, the iLoveFeedback® program rests upon experience, observation and research – every tip, tool and technique presented has been tested in business and demonstrated consistent effectiveness in the real world. iLoveFeedback® will enrich your organization’s culture with increased employee retention and improved productivity.

The Model

The Five Best Practice Steps model outlines the key components for delivering effective feedback. With this model, everyone benefits from increased skills and confidence in giving feedback and creating a feedback culture. Without effective feedback, performance lags, turnover increases, and employee engagement suffers.

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