Create a High Performance Culture with Feedback

Feedback – timely, specific, two-way feedback is among the most effective communications tools we possess. And while we all possess the ability to master the art of giving effective feedback, most of us have not developed the skills necessary to do so.

iLoveFeedback® provides skills to increase your competence and confidence in giving feedback.

– Define
What is effective feedback, and what isn’t

– Deliver
Craft a message that is specific and observable

– Engage
Turn feedback into positive action

– Implement
Make effective feedback central to your workplace communications

My employees dread performance reviews • I want to give feedback that helps my employees • I was recently promoted and want my new employees to respect me • Why are my employees so disengaged • I want to get better at giving feedback • Our annual review process needs to change • Our culture does not support feedback • Help! It’s annual review time • My team works remotely and it’s difficult to provide feedback • My employees don’t think they need feedback • My best employee just quit • Why would I bother to give my employees feedback • No one wants to work in my department • Why are my employees so defensive about feedback • I just got a bad employee engagement score – what next • Why would I bother with feedback

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