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Feedback Revolution

Feedback Revolution

In short:   This book’s purpose is to help you create a FEEDBACK REVOLUTION, just like the title says.

Feedback Revolution will:

  • Show you what effective feedback is – and what it isn’t
  • Identify the key elements of effectively presented feedback
  • Help you establish a “feedback culture” at your company
  • Provide strategies for integrating new levels of feedback into your existing performance review structure
  • Establish criteria for effective, memorable, profitable feedback sessions
  • Present scientific evidence showing how feedback works best – and how to identify those habits that may be hobbling your own feedback
  • Help you move from dreading feedback sessions to a posture of welcoming them –  I Love Feedback rather than I Hate Feedback

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Feedback – timely, specific, two-way feedback is among the most effective communications tools we possess. And while we all possess the ability to master the art of giving effective feedback, most of us have not developed the skills necessary to do so.   And we lack the skills because most of us don’t actually know what the elements of effective feedback are.


This book was created to remedy  that situation, and to remedy in an enjoyable, inviting and about all, practical way.   This book was created to give you the tools you will need to create a Feedback Revolution in your organization.  This book’s purpose is to clear away the fog and misunderstandings that surround feedback as typically practiced and replace them with clarity, tools, and techniques for putting real feedback in place in your organization.

Feedback Revolution rests upon experience, observation and research – every tip, tool or techniques presented here has been tested in business and has demonstrated consistent effectiveness in the real world.   We welcome your review, comments and most of all your application of the feedback model!