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iLoveFeedback® uses a Five Best Practice Steps model for giving feedback that helps retain employees, engage and motivate them, and improve productivity in organizations. An organizational culture that thrives on feedback boosts performance and employee satisfaction. Research shows that when leaders provide great feedback, work environments become livelier and more engaging and employees feel more empowered.

Using the Five Best Practice Steps model. participants will have increased skills and confidence in giving feedback, learn how to deliver feedback that is specific and observable, and recognize that feedback is an essential element to an organization’s – and an invidivual’s – continual improvement.

  1. Find your zone
  2. Get smart
  3. Create the message
  4. Deliver the feedback
  5. Encourage, energize, & end well



  • Assess my feedback skills and recognize the role of feedback in continual improvement
  • Create the appropriate attitude and approach for providing feedback
  • Check my purposes for sharing feedback and What’s In It For Them (WIIFT)
  • Consider how cultural, gender, generational differences, and location affect my approach to giving feedback
  • Share feedback that is specific, observable and increases the receiver’s receptiveness
  • Close the feedback exchange with a shared understanding of next steps for improvements Click here to see the upcoming courses

Click here to see upcoming courses (coming soon)